Toby Coke, “Time Negator”

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Time Negator

While we aren’t short on summertime jams, there hasn’t been one quite like Toby Coke‘s “Time Negator” to cross our paths in quite a while. The title track off the upcoming debut album is guitar heavy, with vocals that are sung in a way that is almost spoken. Lyrics such as, “It was a party I found / I walked in like a dog, too sensitive to the sound / How can I remove this burden of time? / It’s like a stain” highlight the details and observations of the every day.

The reverb in the song is intriguing, bringing about images of repetitive patterns of consideration and–as the vocals seem slightly unamused–numbness. Despite the fact that the track moves along at a swift pace, it’s definitely meant to be a thought-provoking track. Don’t rely on it as something to rock out to in the late hours of a rooftop party in Greenpoint, although Toby Coke does–interestingly enough–sing of a party.

“Time Negator” is sure to be an interesting foray into the new album, as it was written as the result of isolation in a new city. The album explores themes of hardship, addiction and humanity at large–bringing controversial topics to the surface with its post-punk rock sound, reminiscent of a blend between Wavves and Ought, amongst others.

Time Negator is available July 22nd.  Preorder the cassette here.