U.S. Girls' Go Grey

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us girls go grey

Sometimes it's best not to harsh the formula. We're looking forward to more of the same from the great Philly noise rock generator Megan Remy come February.

The two minute anti-pop numbers that U.S. Girls spewed out last year in her run of 7-inches, comp appearances, and CDr's has brought her to a second official Slitbreeze release, Go Grey.

The sampling that's trickled out so far has Remy unleashing a recognizably U.S. Girlish mutilation of drum and vocals in “The Mountain Highs” (2:44), as well as an unusually sparse and cleaned up repetition of the same format in “Red Ford Radio” (2:30). Plenty of guitar and unidentified flying objects in the album too, not to mention some help from Yellow Swan's Pete Swanson.

Go Grey is out February 16 on Slitbreeze.