Washer, “Joe”

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Washer Flagland Split

Brooklyn two-piece Washer have been regulars in the borough for the past couple years as part of the East Coast Bed & Breakfast collective/label they share with Big Ups and Flagland. Comprised of Mike Quigley (guitars/vocals) and Kieran McShane (drums), they recently joined the hefty Exploding In Sound stable of releases, first on a split with fellow ECB&B mates Big Ups, and now—to complete the full-circle of life—have released a new song via their upcoming compilation with Flagland. In terms of length, “Joe” goes by in a flash, registering in at just under two minutes there is a lot to catch before its gone. Washer situates “Joe” behind an alluringly washy guitar tone and pointed drumming for a majority of the track; a heavy section hits home in the last 30 seconds, demarcating themselves among their EIS brethren. There is the seemingly tireless ability among these bands to take the track a step further, and there is no exception with “Joe”.

The Flagland/Washer split is due out May 5 via EIS and ECB&B. You can listen to “Joe” below.