yU, “Native”

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One third of Diamond District, yU proves the DMV is not just concerned about the street themes and recession rap. The camp is officially putting American history on notice – burn your textbooks of white man's lies!

“Native” opens with sound bytes from a Dave Chappelle stand up, switches gears into Glen Beck's flagrant rant on Native American culture being abortions, gaming and alcoholism, but the tone in yU's lyrics are far from lighthearted. Demonstrating pride in his Native American roots, yU raps with the heart of a warrior on “Native.” Proving he can stand strong on his own two, yU won't be persuaded by American greed as he raps, “guided by spirits of the past / they tellin' me what I need to know because I ain't afraid to ask.. they telling me to watch blue eyes closesly / don't sleep / a trap is being set, but they really not a threat / just know they want you to fiend for money and power / don't allow it.”

Producer Slimkat78 keeps the sound rooted in yU's comfort zone, chopping the breaks properly and finishes off the theme with a Rawhide outro – are those rattling bones symbolizing a rain dance or the cowboys yU intends to kill?

yU's solo Before Taxes is out April 13 on Mello Music Group.

yU, “Native”