Black Strobe debut ten years overdue (Homework handed in 1997)

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Wouldn't think of inflating this by saying Daft Punk version 2.0, but these guys make some pretty tight Parisian dance music. (Then again so do people from LA). A little less Kraftwerk, a lil more Ibiza-industrial complex than the masters who precede them (and supposedly, a little black metal too, though I'll have to hear more than their singles to get there), Black Strobe have announced a debut, Burn Your Own Church, a record that's apparently “ten years in the making.”

Their first single “Shining Bright Star” is a pretty unadulterated ode to dance music, with one of those tilted opening bass lines that leave you unprepared for the straight ahead groove that fills the gaps seconds later. While the band's got a European/Argentinian tour in late April (who doesn't?), frontman Arnaud Rebotini will be in New York guest DJing at Cheeky Bastard’s 2 year anniversary party at Hiro Ballroom with Le Tigre April 18th.