CANKUN, “Science Can Help You”

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“Science Can Help You” is the first single off CANKUN's debut vinyl LP entitled Culture of Pink. The song twists together two incongruent parts in a way that feels psychedelic and tropical all at once. Driving drums and glitzy guitars transition into a hypnotizing blend of jungle beats and drawling synth. The effect is cloudy and discordant, leaving the listener to stumble through the haze, off-balance and perplexed, head bobbing and hips swaying all the same.

Culture of Pink is CANKUN's follow up to the Idle cassette released last summer on Constellation Tatsu. Vincent Caylet, the man behind the French experimental outfit, has truly matured with this latest effort. The forthcoming album claims a depth that was lacking in earlier recordings, using layers upon layers of synth, guitars, drums and looped effects to create a mystical experience that stimulates and disorients.

Culture of Pink is due out March 5 on Hands in the Dark.