Dj Dog Dick, Identity EP

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DJ Dog Dick

DJ Dog Dick's Identity EP, released on February 5 through Hoss Records in Greenpoint, is a dark and blurry plunge into the surreal, musical mind of Max Eisenberg. DJ Dog Dick is a virtuoso at producing hazy hip hop strung with elements of electro-noise pop.

The EP was recorded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, in which Eisenberg's current hometown (Far Rockaway, Queens) experienced dramatic damage. Perhaps this is why his rapping seems to be faintly frantic and possess a subtle aura of urgency, as if there is something at stake. Some of the tracks on the EP possess comedic ingredients. For instance, the track “Human Hash” features dialogue between a seemingly asthmatic transvestite talk radio host and interviewee, Mr. Entity, an organism that communicates through cacophony and discord. DJ Dog Dick will be releasing The Life Stains LP this coming May.