Craft Spells announce new album, Nausea, for Captured Tracks

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Craft Spells

It having been about two years since the release of Gallery, and today we are excited to report that the new Craft Spells' album, Nausea, is slated for release June 10 from Captured Tracks. The time spent since their last EP has found frontman Justin Vallesteros listening to copious amounts of Yellow Magic Orchestra's Haroumi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, Emitt Rhodes, the writings of Mishima, while nurturing the YUNG STKTN movement as a behind the scenes steward to his hometown Stockton friends.

Following the recent Cities Aviv, Surf Club and Weekend show this past Saturday, we caught the following featured single, “Breaking The Angle Against The Tide”, while enjoying a privy album at a secret listening-after-party for Nausea. After spending a good deal of time at his parents place in Lathrop, California, Justin talked to us about trading the guitar for a while to hon in on his piano skills that would lend the ground work for Nausea's creation. The prodigious influences lent from Japanese artists to American home-recording champions reconciled the pulls between metropolises and suburb hideaways for the summation of a new Craft Spells sounds, and a new type of 'city music.' On “Against the Tide”, the angles of former lives, time spent, time passed, and time wasted are broken by waters of baroque bitten strings and piano composed melodies. Working with Dylan Wall in Seattle, Justin along with Javier Suarez and Andy Lum channeled the big concepts of the demos into the realized lush soundscapes inherent to the new album's compositions. Nausea provides an anecdote for the sea-sickness of the world's information overload, where Eastern woodwinds are met by the keynotes that contain collected crystals and minerals from both the East and Western hemispheres.

“Breaking The Angle Against The Tide” is available for download via Soundcloud.

Craft Spells' album Nausea will be available June 10 from Captured Tracks. Pre-order available now from iTunes.