OSR looking for submissions of Chris Weisman covers for forthcoming comp

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Cassette label OSR Tapes has just issued an open call for Chris Weisman cover submissions. Selected recordings will be compiled onto a cassette via OSR, alongside a vinyl LP of Weisman's Monet In The 90s. Contributors will receive up to three copies, depending on how many submissions come in. The rules are simple: Any era of the artist's work is fair game, recordings should be under four minutes per song, and only one submission per person is guaranteed airplay on the compilation, though individuals are encouraged to submit multiple covers. The deadline for submissions is August 10.

Zach Phillips of OSR is willing to help out those interested in submitting however he can. He says, “if you or anyone you know is interested in recording a cover, but lack a recording setup or have never recorded before, please allow me to help facilitate that for you here in NY [for free, duh].”