Impose Selectors podcast vol. IV

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This week's podcast is my ode to Summer, because this cold, rainy weather and Glen Beck are trying to ruin it.

Every Friday morning at 11AM we do a weekly radio show on Viva Radio called Impose Selectors.
You should listen. But us Imposians totally understand how shitty it is
to have to wake up by 11AM, so we've decided to post the entire Impose
Selectors show here each week after it airs on Viva.

So yeah, the bummin' weather had me thinking of sunnier times. Is it any coincidence that this weekend the weather is awesome? I think not. This mix is highly recommended for listeners experiencing shitty weather. Stream or download volume IV below, and
remember you can also download the
songs individually by clicking on them in the track listing.

Impose Selectors podcast vol. IV:

01 Intro
02 Grass Widow, “11 of Diamonds”
03 White Fence, “Lillian”
04 Fungi Girls, “Sun Blues”
05 Los Saicos, “Demolicion”
06 The Strange Boys, “Be Brave”
07 Segue I
08 Lee Fields and the Expressions, “Ladies”
09 Alexander Spit, “Hella”
10 Camu Tao, “Perfect Plan”
11 Segue II
12 Cults, “Go Outside”
13 Kria Brekkan, “Solush”
14 The Louvin Brothers, “Satan's Jeweled Crown”
15 Segue III
16 Dream Syndicate, “When You Smile” (live in Buffalo, May 16, 1983)
17 Sun Araw, “Last Chants”
18 Sisters, “Highway Scratch”
19 Segue IV
20 Kanye West, “Power Remix” feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz