New Craft Spells and Truman Peyote

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Casio pixie Emily Reo has collaborated with Craft Spells and Truman Peyote for two new singles.

“Love Well Spent,” recorded with Craft Spells for Salad Fork's Compilation for World Hunger, features a driving beat encasing plucky-but-sad harmonies. It's as if Reo is singing at the bottom of a well and at first you can't yank the tattered rope on the rusty pulley hard enough to get the bucket to her. But after a few verses you want her to stay down there forever, bouncing her voice off all those pennies.

“Turn Into Feathers,” with its ascending organ and a singsong structure, moves away from reverb heavy slink-pop as Truman Peyote does their damnedest to make you feel like the sun is hitting your face on top of a boulder in Joshua Tree. It will be released as part of the band's split 7″ with Attached Hands.

Craft Spells & Emily Reo, “Love Well Spent”

Truman Peyote & Emily Reo, “Turn Into Feathers”