Reading Rainbow use some nice mics

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Lesson learned at the end of Reading Rainbow's one day session was something along the lines of hey, you can be that band that's “trying to be successful at the art they're doing and trying to make a living out of it,” (that being a direct quote). Is the best married guitar pop duo in the biz realizing there's a biz out there? Seems like the legitimately plush surroundings of Weathervane Music have lit a new flame, though hopefully not too hot, since we hope the laid back layers of every great Reading Rainbow tune will always sound as effortless as they do.

The video made for the ninth Shaking Through session is fun to watch and informs any fans of the band about the degree to which these guys thrive under pressure. Booked to record one song in three days, they did three songs in one day, having started writing the tracks only two weeks prior, and figuring out the final vocal parts as they were being recorded.

As a happily married couple singing about love, can't help seeing them as some kind of garage version of Matt and Kim. Time to start selling out a few Music Halls.

Enjoy the current track making the rounds, “Always On My Mind“.