Blissed Out are now BL§§D ØU†

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blissed out nyc evrythng

I don't know if they took our plea to end the triangle epidemic to heart, or they want to be easier to google, but the band formerly known as Blissed Out is going with some gnarly symbols that in combination bear much resemblance to the full, spelled-out version of their name that uses real letters.

Not really sure how you make that “§” without copy and pasting it, which lends itself to a short shelf life for joe bloggers who aren't worshiping this opaque symbolism. But, for at least this one song, within this one post, we will keep the dream alive. Enjoy the brand new track from BL§§D ØU†, that might be called “Spinners” if it wasn't called “§PNNR§“.

The track shows the trio digging deeper beats with fewer rhythmic abstractions, and darker, more ominous synth drones with less radio disturbance. Though if you saw them live last week, (or tonight, by the way, at Shea with Excepter), then you'd know there's still plenty of dank samples dropping in and out of the §torm.

The track comes off an EP, NYC EVRYTHNG, out in November digitally on AM Discs and vinyl in 2011.