So So Glos re-release “Black and Blue”; donate proceeds to National Police Accountability Project

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so so glos black and blue

The So So Glos have re-recorded and released a new version of their popular song “Black and Blue”. A pointed “anti racist, anti sexist, call to action” from the So So Glos self-titled 2007 debut, the band have repurposed the track to question police’s unchecked authority. The release comes at a time of crucially heightened awareness about police brutality in the United States and across the world, and the proceeds from the song will go towards the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP), a non-profit branch of the The National Lawyers Guild dedicated to ending police abuse of authority through coordinated legal action, public education, and support for grassroots and victims’ organizations combating police misconduct. According to So So Glos frontman Alex Levine, it “asks us to examine the nature of authority, and what it takes to become a power, both on a collective and individual level.”

The reissue of “Black and Blue” has been released via Votiv Music and will be featured in the March 15 episode of HBO’s Girls. It is available to stream below via Spotify and purchase on iTunes and Amazon.