“The Future is Emotional, Technological, and Health Conscious” at Stream Gallery

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Every Thursday this month, Stream Gallery in Bushwick is hosting a series of performances and panel discussions related to the idea of an “emotional future raptured by a technological ontology,” curated by Monica Mirabile of FlucT. Coinciding with (but unrelated to) the New Museum Triennial “Surround Audience,” which highlights work that explores digital technology’s social and psychological effects, as well as the internet’s effect on physical art forms and practices, the “Future” series takes those conversations and presents them in an episodic, digestible format, accompanied by performances on the physical plane.

The series features dance, video, music, installation, and performance artists such as Alaina Stamatis, Sigrid Lauren, Colin Self, Erin Grant, Gina Chiappetta, Angelina Dreem, Sean Benjamin Seáncé, Jake Dibeler (of Bottoms), and Sarah Kinlaw.

The first installment, featuring Colin Self, Alaina Stamatis, and Sigrid Lauren, has passed but the panel is archived on Equalize TV’s YouTube channel. Panelists touched on how to maintain good health in an urban technological environment (and whether even attempting to do that is “psychotic”), returning to the body after a cultural period of embracing multichannel technologically aided disembodiment, the problem of emotional erasure through technology, and the social media paradox in which constant posting creates ongoing erasure. “As artists and performers, I think its really important to keep this psychic physical world very activated and acknowledge software,” said Self. “We all grow up where we develop our own cognitive software (what our parents teach us, where we go to school, trauma, joyful moments) and it’s important to have agency in maintaining and advocating for software building.”

The last two installments take place tonight and next Thursday, at 8pm:

Erin Grant
Gina Chiappetta
Excelle NRG Transhumanastic Training Therapy( Angelina Dreem )

MARCH 26th
Sean Benjamin Seáncé
Jake Dibeler
Sarah Kinlaw