Speedy Ortiz December Tour Dates Will Benefit Girls Rock Camp Foundation

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In line with Speedy Ortiz’s commitment as a band to safety, community and accessibility at shows, the band has just announced that their December tour dates will benefit the Girls Rock Camp Foundation (GRCF). All dates will be all-ages, which Sadie Dupuis says is the band’s “favorite kind of show”; she also notes that while the band has done many individual fundraisers, these tour dates were specifically designed to have “national impact while still supporting local communities.”

If you’d like to go above and beyond the ticket price of $10 to donate to GRCF through these tour dates, you can also pick up some cool limited-edition stuff:
$15 = ticket +$5 GRCF donation (free custom Speedy Ortiz poster by illustrator and friend of the band Michael DeForge for that night’s show)
$20 = ticket +$10 GRCF donation (free custom Speedy Ortiz nail art stickers)
$40 = ticket +$30 GRCF donation (free GRC print + all other prizes included)

The tour dates will cover the East Coast and some of the South. Check out the dates below:

Speedy Ortiz Tour