Best Baseball Names of the 2015 MLB Draft

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Although not as heralded as the NFL or NBA drafts, the Major League Baseball draft lasts something like 40 days and changes the lives of approximately three humans. The heavily tiered system of minor league teams (both affiliated and unaffiliated) and the arcane baseball rules of roster size, ability to call up players and other voodoo that was probably used in the past to scare away demons, creates a domino effect of reasons why you have to wait a generation before a draft pick makes it to the majors.

And while you may never see some of these draft prospects blossom into MLB stars, they still have worthy traits to keep an eye on. Specifically, their names. Look at two of the hottest stars of baseball today: Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. Those are good baseball names.

With the MLB Draft currently in process, we’re giving you a keen eye on which baseball names you should remember.

Dansby Swanson, Vanderbilt

I hope he takes the plate in various old-time baseball uniforms.

Dillon Tate, UC Santa Barbara

Bonus points for two first names.

Walker Buehler, Vanderbilt



Beau Burrows, Weatherford

Alliteration, holmes.

Kyle Funkhouser, Louisville

“You got kicked out of the Funkhouse!” is an automatic catchphrase for this pitcher.

Ashe Russell, Cathedral


Currently a high schooler, but check that mullet, this kid is straight out of 1982 baseball.

Skye Bolt, North Carolina

Steve Holt!

Jackson Kowar, Charlotte Christian

Kowar sounds like an advance stat they haven’t invented yet.

And finally, the most Baseball name of the 2015 MLB Draft is…

Doak Dozier, Arlington Heights