Which NBA team will Drake cheer for now?

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The Toronto Raptors got bounced from the NBA playoffs in a four-game sweep at the hands of the Washington Bullets Wizards. Canada’s lone remaining NBA team never seemed to get into a rhythm as the Wizards exposed an offensive system that has sputtered all season. But to fans of the NBA, the only loss that really maters is that we no longer get to see Playoff Drake on the sidelines. As the global ambassador, much has been said about Drake’s connection to the Raptors, but as anyone with a twitter account can plainly see, Drake is a fan of many different basketball teams. So now that his team is out, which one will he cheer for?

Golden State Warriors

Pros: They’re a clear favorite to make it to the finals and win it all this year.

Cons: Bay Area rap fans will not have it. They’d rather bring out the corpse of Mac Dre than have an interloper steal the sunshine of a Dubs fanbase that has been through some rough years.


Chicago Bulls

Pros: They have Derrick Rose in playoff form, Jimmy Butler in getting-paid form and the ghost of Michael Jordan is hanging around the locker room placing bets.

Cons: Kanye said he is not allowed to cheer for them.

Drake and Kanye

Houston Rockets

Pros: Finally seem to be getting James Harden and Dwight Howard at their absolute peak, plus a bunch of almost-great role players.

Cons: Drake will always be outshined by whatever Harden wears to the game.


Atlanta Hawks

Pros: Although struggling offensively thus far in the postseason, the Hawks do have this years’ Coach of the Year, and an ability to go deep into their bench and dominate.

Cons: The strength of the team is focused on a group rather than a single star player, so who would Drake appear with at da club?

drake at the club

Memphis Grizzlies 

Pros: The grit-n-grind Grizzlies really seem to be on a roll this year and have a chance to take their plodding defense to the finals.

Cons: Zach Randolph would eat Drake on sight, mistaking him for a big slice of pizza in an expensive jacket.

Drake Pizza

Washington Wizards

Pros: John Wall is 360 spinning his way into America’s Heart.

Cons: Looks like Drake’s already a fan.

drake and paul pierce

San Antonio Spurs

Pros: The Spurs are a perennial contender and are looking for their first back-to-back Championship ever.

Cons: Drake would have to run by this guy first.