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Tapes are good because they are cheap and disposable.

Not that you throw them away, but that you approach them differently than you do an Album, that clunker of the Boomer generation. They are fast, fresh, vital, because they have no pretense of being classic or monumental. Albums are statements, one-way, inflexible.

Tapes are a dialog. To buy a tape, to make a tape, is to participate in the dialog, in the exchange of ideas. The tape is a gift of ideas. It presents raw vision to be interpreted.

Buy a camera and take pictures of your friends. Start a tape label and release the bands in your city. Touring is hard and the system is broken. Mail is cheap and the internet is cheaper. Tapes are easy. What are you psyched on?

Tapes aren't gonna last, so start a label right now. In the ANP Quarterly, V. Vale said, “Undergrounds are like mushrooms, they need darkness to flourish.” What comes next will be built on the foundation of the cassette tape sub-culture. It's going fast, it's burning bright. People are making beautiful things with their hands that they believe in. Goaty Tapes, Gel Tapes, Night-People, Near Tapes, UHU Tapes, GNAR Tapes.

Eggy is based in Portland, Oregon. It is a label and distributor of cassette tapes. Tapes are curated from labels across the country and world and sold at a physical location, the Half and Half coffee shop, where they can be seen and held. Eggy tapes are almost always silk-screened, pro-dubbed and popular music.

Impose Labeled Eggy Tapes Compilation

01 Have an Idea – The Honeys

02 We Are Shocked – Majic Eyes

03 My Feet Beneath the Water – The Golden Hours

04 Land of Laughs – The Woolen Men

05 Smoke Away – Lame Drivers

06 My Reason – Mattress

07 Flask – Majic Eyes

08 Baked Brown – The Golden Hours

09 Survive – Mattress

10 Nerd Out – The Honeys

11 Dogs – The Woolen Men

Download the Eggy Tapes compilation here.