Ten Years of Parts & Labor

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August 31, 2002 @ the parking lot of 151 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY
With: Lightning Bolt, Forcefield, !!!, Les Savy Fav, The French Kicks, Creme Blush, Natural History, Tyondai Braxton, The Holy Childhood, Televised Execution, Split Me Wide Open, Cheeseburger, Slo Jams
Designed by: ???
BJ: I helped organize this massive outdoor block party in the parking lot of 151 Kent Ave, where I lived for nearly a decade. Fucking hell, what a good time. Just look at that lineup! Our friend Chad Beck recently uploaded footage of Lightning Bolt's set, shot from our rooftop. I also remember Tim from Les Savy Fav dangerously climbing to the top of a step ladder and whirling a clamp light around his head. Fun fact: there was another big outdoor festival that day in the neighborhood, organized by Twisted Ones and featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars, and I think Oneida. Yep, the good old days…

October 28, 2002 @ Candle Factory, Providence, RI
With: Friends Forever, Total Shutdown, Barnacled, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, Knifestorm
Designed by: Brian Chippendale
BJ: Halloween madness, Providence style. Brian Chippendale made this insane six-color silk-screened poster. Six colors, dude! Tons of insanely fun music, but every band on this bill was shown up by the one band that *isn't* listed on the poster: Friends Forever. They set up under a nearby overpass with their trusty converted VW van. There were pyrotechnics. A bonfire that kids were jumping in and through. And at one point someone started lighting pumpkins on fire and smashing 'em against the walls of the overpass.

September 6, 2003 @ North Six Basement, Brooklyn, NY
With: Japanther, Tunnel Of Love, Big Bear, Pterodactyl, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Designed by: Sam Rasiotis
Dan: We organized this show with Oraia from Right Rides as a benefit for Bands Against Bush. We didn't know the guy who designed the flyer personally, but it does a pretty good job of summing up our feelings at the time. This was an awesomely rowdy show. I remember Big Bear flooring everyone, and people hanging from the pipes during Japanther's set.

September 20, 2003 @ the Orphanage, Brooklyn, NY
With: Sightings, People of the North, USAISAMONSTER, Shy Child
Designed by: Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino
BJ: This is one of several flyers designed and hand-made by Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, before they were more well-known as Matt & Kim. All of their flyers incorporated some kind of pop-up book style interactivity; in this one you could spin the dial, revealing different images in the spaceman's helmet. This show was organized by our friend and stellar dude Kyle Lapidus, as a benefit for his record label, Ignivomous. Totally killer lineup, too.

October 17, 2003 @ Sin-é, New York, NY
With: Tyondai Braxton, Plate Tectonics, 1776
Designed by: Devin Flynn
Dan: Sweet poster by Devin Flynn of Plate Tectonics, who later did animation for Wonder Showzen and the Aquateen Hunger Force movie. This was the record release show for “Rise, Rise, Rise”, our split with Tyondai Braxton.

October 25, 2003 @ The Shed, Palmer, MA
With: Tyondai Braxton, Ho-Ag, Slaughterhouse Percussion
Designed by: John Paul Boneyard
Dan: The Shed was an actual woodshed that hosted shows near where I grew up. It fit maybe 20 people inside, and everybody else watched through the doors. We played a few shows there, and each one had a totally loving, communal feel to it. At this show I remember everyone watching a moth that was hovering around Tyondai while he played.

January 30, 2004 @ Woodser, Brooklyn, NY
With: TV on the Radio, Books On Tape, Aa, Brasilia
Designed by: Aron Wahl
BJ: This was at one of my favorite, early house show spaces in Williamsburg, with none other than a pre-mega-famous TV on the Radio. I remember this being the first show I heard them play songs off of the yet-to-be-released “Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes”. Aron Wahl from Aa designed amazing hand-burnt handbills; we love his work. Aside from being stacked with other great friends from that era, this show was a benefit for the East River Music Project, which used to put on free concerts during the summer at the East River Amphitheater.

January 21, 2005 @ Todd P's new space (aka Llano Estacado), Brooklyn, NY
With: Big Bear, Aa, Dirty Projectors, Puttin' on the Ritz
Designed by: Aron Wahl
Dan: This was the first show in the now defunct Monster Island building on the corner of Kent and Metropolitan. Todd P was still constructing the bathroom as the bands loaded in, and the stage was a wobbly pile of sheetrock. Dirty Projectors consisted of Dave Longstreth and a string section. 16 Bitch Pile Up cancelled because their van broke down, and Puttin' on the Ritz showed up and yelled jazz standards at everyone while they left, which is how shows usually ended in 2005.

August 2, 2005 @ Monkey Mania, Denver, CO
With: Nite Shark, People Die Every Day
Designed by: Josh Taylor
BJ: Monkey Mania was a busted, art-struck warehouse space near Coors Field in Denver, run by Josh Taylor (of Friends Forever, and now Foot Village, fame) and pals. Another cherished and frequently visited spot in our early touring years. I don't remember this particular night too well, but we actually ended up staying an extra day to hop on the following night's show, which featured the truly un-fucking-forgettable Justice Yeldham. I also remember sharing another bill at Monkey Mania with a band called Nerdtallica. 'Nuff said.

August 21, 2005 @ Greek's Pizza, Bloomington, IN
With: Puppy Vs. Dyslexia, My Village Is Number One
Designed by: ???
BJ: This historic show was the performance that ostensibly got us signed to Jagjaguwar. Our brahs Oneida had put us in touch with the label, and recommended them highly. We set up this show specifically so the label folks could see us live. It was in the back seating room of a pizza place. We were deafeningly, stupidly loud in that tiny space. I think there was a video game or pinball machine right next to the band area. The ten or so audience members, including Secretly Canadian honcho Chris Swanson, stayed as far away from the band as possible, lined up against the opposite wall, which was maybe five feet away from us. Somehow, that night led to a seven year and four album relationship with Jag; we're deeply indebted to their support.

April 8, 2006 @ North Six, Brooklyn, NY
With: Oneida, Ex Models, Kyp Malone, The Good Good
Designed by: Kayrock
Dan: Kayrock's poster for the “Stay Afraid” record release show at Northsix (now Music Hall of Williamsburg). Kayrock had done posters for a lot of the shows that convinced us to start a band in the first place. Every band on here was awesome, but I specifically want to shout out The Good Good, who are no longer around, but remain one of our favorites. Apparently this is where our former drummer Christopher Weingarten met his fiance, who he proposed to last month. Congratulations, guys.

December 7, 2006 @ Pats In The Flats, Cleveland, OH
With: Clan Of The Cave Bear, Jerk, Child Bite, Ohm's Law
Designed by: John G.
BJ: Outside of NYC, we've probably played Cleveland the most times of any city in the country. For a while people thought we actually lived there. Most of those shows featured flyers, like this one, designed by local comic book artist John G. This guy's been a huge supporter of us for years; he even included an illustrated version of P&L in one of his early Shiner Comics, depicting Dan and I as androids and Chris as some sort of fucked up man-octopus hybrid. Pats In The Flats is a long running dive bar hosting dirt cheap rock shows, something of a Cleveland institution.

April 6, 2007 @ Luna Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
With: Big Bear, Gowns, Alex Delivery
Designed by: Sto
Dan: This is an awesome poster by Sto from Cinders/DubKnowDub. It was a record release show for Gowns' incredible album “Red State”, released on our label, Cardboard Records. I think it was the only show I ever went to in the strange, cavernous version of the Luna Lounge that briefly existed where the Knitting Factory is now.

June 22, 2007 @ some old warehouse we found the day of the show, Brooklyn, NY
WIth: Matt & Kim, Best Fwends, Deathset, Golden Error
Designed by: Susan Belle
Dan: On the day of the “Mapmaker” record release show Todd P went to the intended venue only to find that it had been turned into a sweatshop. We ended up sneaking 700 people into a Bushwick construction site that is now Roberta's pizza (and a few adjoining businesses). Someone told me that the stage we used was actually a table used for cutting sheets of glass. We managed to fit a horn section and Joe Kremer from Pterodactyl on stage with us, but I also managed to fall through one corner of it at the end of our set.

October 21, 2008 @ Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY
With: Double Dagger, Flying, Rahim, Dinowalrus, The Coathangers, Fiasco, Pwrfl Power, Pictureplane, Scary Mansion, bdrmppl, Boo and Boo Too, Air Waves
Designed by: ???
Dan: One of many great shows played at Death By Audio, where Edan and Co. continue to keep things awesome, while most of the other venues mentioned here have been pushed out of the neighborhood. This is a flyer for an Impose show, made by Impose, I believe. This night is a bit of a blur to me, but I remember that it was the first time we played a lot of the songs off of “Receivers”, which was totally daunting. Our reward was getting to see the mighty Double Dagger.

April 15-17 and 20-21, 2011 @ midwest/Canada tour poster
With: Child Bite
Designed by: Shawn K. Knight
BJ: We've known Shawn and his band, Child Bite, for years (our first show with them was at the aforementioned Pats In The Flats in 2006). This incredible silk-screen job was made by Shawn for some midwest and Canada dates together (which included an uproariously ironic show at a restaurant called Parts & Labour in Toronto). If you really wanna see some sick work from this dude, check out the silk-screened vinyl LPs he made for the Child Bite/Dope Body split. Every time I see Shawn, he's got either a broken bone or a serious laceration. Sometimes both.

February 24th, 2012 @ 285 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY
With: Oneida, Neptune, Noveller
Designed by: BJ Warshaw
BJ: I designed this one, ostensibly the last show poster for Parts & Labor. It references some of our own lyrics from “Rest”, as well as the classic Harold Lloyd silent film, “Safety Last!“. I spray painted/splattered each poster individually, and then passed them to our pals at Kayrock Screenprinting to finish the job. The dude hanging from the clock is none other than Tom Martin, our guitar player for the past year. We couldn't ask for a better lineup for our final show.