Tweets of the Week, April 16 2010

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The front half of this week was consumed largely by oggling the aftermath of MGMT's Congratulations while trying to finish taxes, mourning the death of drummer Steve Reid, and wondering what a real Apple-designed tampon could do that Maxipads can't.

(This is to say nothing of Insane Clown Posse. Wow.) But now, tweets of the week:

Oh, great. What's next, Ninjasonik substitute teaching?

Careful, the very glimmer of a thought that this man could be sad holds the potential to kill colonies of Keebler elves and Santa helpers.

Hip hop got deader.

At least someone's keepin' it real, tweeting the shit you're supposed to tweet.

And you smell like tacos.

While we'd start this age old complaint wondering whether there's much difference between big-ass indies and withering majors, this was the week of MGMT tom-fuckery. (Right answer to our question, dude!)

You know Myspace is on its way out when it's losing its alt-crowd early adopters to an American Pie reference.

So bummed.

Many of us are left baffled in the wake of Insane Clown Posse's video carnage, but of all the magic-hunters out there wondering how magnets work, the dead child model will point you in the right direction.

To say nothing of the iPad.

The chances are low that you'll be caught for tax evasion, but if you happened to kill a guy and skip out on your 1040, there's always this.