What does “Happiness in Bed” mean to Unhappy Hipsters?

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Hip gloves to keep your arms warm when reading in bed.

Unhappy Hipsters, as that blog will show you, are people who've managed to build stylishly minimalistic homes in the middle of nowhere. Now, what do you think the term “Happiness in Bed” means to these people? Not “hot wild threesome.”

First of all, it means a bare room with nothing but a mattress in it; a pile of books close by, and plain white sheets. But to shatter this symbol of bliss, there's the reality of arms getting cold while reading hip books in an otherwise heavenly bed. Snuggie, you say? These people would rather kill themselves first.

Say hello to “The Keep My Arms Warm When I Read in Bed Thing” a.k.a “Happiness in Bed” by Andrea Ayala Closa. You see, Unhappy Hipsters are adept at digging their own gorgeous holes to the lonely bottoms of the modern world, all without compromising on the color palette. Notice the index finger's open end? That's for turning the page; it's called “user experience” and “attention to detail”. See those bursts of colors accenting the inner surface of the fingers? That's for warming your heart.