Week in Pop: Certain Futures, Glitter Veils, Lawn Care

Sjimon Gompers

The rise of Australian duo Glitter Veils, from left, Luke Zahnleiter & Michael Whitney; photographed by Savvy Creative.

Certain Futures

Introducing Certain Futures; photographed by Richard Fusillo.

Out of the uncertainty that has become the only semblance of anything certain is the arrival of Certain Futures that boldly embrace the brave new frontiers of who knows wha. A principle trio made up of The Young Vintage leader Michael Gompers [full disclosure, is also the brother of this columnist], along with fellow vocalist & fiancée Meghan Trask, with multi-instrumentalist/producer Bryant Bayhan of .paperman, Hheaven, etc gather together visions of purpose, possibility, potential where melancholy mixes with the mysteries of what could be. Bouts of reasonable doubts, trials, errors, successes, failures, breakthroughs & breakdowns are faced down together on a collision course that allows all the feelings to flow freely in a touch & go state of happenstance where everything intersects in an assembly of hopes that are made with heads affixed high & expectations for a sobering & somber reality that could be less than ideal.

Presenting the world premiere for “Our Match is Dying Out”, Certain Futures spells out a song for our time that picks up where the Bowie/Eno legacy left off with instructions & cryptic blueprints that point toward epiphanies yet to be realized. Under the creative auspices of Bayhan’s creative knack for arrangements & productions, a song about jeopardized and/or extinguished flames are rekindled with bright chords & keys that correspond with one another in a seamless showcase of shimmering & smoldering sentiments. Michael & Meghan’s duet moves between harmonies that blend, call & respond to one another as highs & lows are reflected upon in meditations that seek some sort of shared solace amid the upheavals & upsets dealt by a card deck called life. An unofficial sequel to “Heroes“; the paradigms of protagonists & adversaries are advanced to the contemporary age where the definition between good & bad becomes a blur amid the day to day bouts of calamity, chaos & confusions that consume & distract our focuses & desire. These diversions are dealt with on “Match” where the charged symbolism of dying flames, dimming lights & other metaphors are countered with a fervent commitment & unfettered & determined conviction to creating those certain tomorrows & futures worth investing in.

The band penned the following introductory mission statement that defines the pursuits & passions of Certain Futures:

Certain Futures is an experimental pop/rock group that features a core trio of collaborators. Of these there is songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Michael Gompers, singer Meghan Trask, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bryant “.paperman” Bayhan.

Embracing the uncertainty of everything with Certain Futures; photographed by Richard Fusillo.

The music focuses on facing the challenges of reality with grave concern and a quixotic hope. The music celebrates the dissolution of genre and seeks to navigate popular music into avenues less navigated.

The debut Certain Futures EP Pining Masses will be available TBD, mastered by Jimmy Turturici.

Listen to the following interview with Certain Futures’ Michael Gompers & Bryant Bayhan courtesy of KCPR:

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