Clearing The Eye – ISIS

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Right now Isis is near the top of the list for bands that I have to see live. I've missed out on many in the past, but Isis needs to be seen. For anyone else who is in this same sinking boat, or even if you've already swum ashore, Clearing the Eye is a must have. It features almost 2 1/2 hours of live performances, from CBGB’s to Club Quattro in Tokyo.As it goes from earlier material to the more recent, you get to experience the band in their live setting as they continually evolve into a more mature band. Instead of plowing through like many metal bands, Isis is shown to be unafraid of jamming a song out. The performances range from 2001 to 2005 with single songs selected from a handful of shows, including a twelve minute version of 'Weight' at the Troubadour in LA. The true jewel for those who've missed out so far is a full hour and a half set filmed at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney in 2003.

Clearing the Eye changes stride with two full picture galleries to scroll through and a music video for “In Fiction”. Isis is again on the road in support now of their newest album, released on Halloween. The sheer power of the quintet comes through sonically fulminating on this feature, but it only whet my appetite that much more to see them in the flesh.