Springtime Carnivore, Midnight Room

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

With her powerful, dramatic voice singer Greta Morgan perfectly conveys the psychedelic dreaminess that is a theme of Midnight Room, the forthcoming album from her project Springtime Carnivore that’s due out this Friday. The album’s title track and opener masterfully sets the tone and atmosphere for the record: a dusky dawn full of the melancholy moments between dreaming and waking where candles glow like streetlights and the darkness can be as bright as the sunrise.

“Face In The Moon” features a driving, electronic beat that pours itself into the propulsive track’s wide open chorus that feels like the moonlight and wind in your hair. “Into The Avalanche” features an array of cascading keys and organs that pull the listener deeper and deeper into the tune’s twilight clockwork rhythm. The synths are out in full force on “Double Infinity”, a track that evokes the gritty new wave glamour of the Eighties while “Raised By Wolves” is a futuristic lightshow of effect soaked guitars, silvery harmonies, and bubbling electronic tones.

The ballad “Nude Polaroids” fades out on the skeleton of a melody and musings of the intricacies and complications of modern love. “Under The Spell” is a lush track perfect for a dance in the starlight while “Wires Crossing” is a beautifully dark song filled with acoustic guitars and instruments that cast long sonic shadows against a swelling velvet wave of backing harmonies that threaten to envelop the listener in inky, obsidian darkness.

While Midnight Room does have an aura of flickering candlelight in a smoky sea of midnight blue clouds, it is not all murky gloom. There are the many aforementioned danceable tracks as well as a winsome longing and romantic loneliness that runs throughout the album. This is is never more apparent than on “Bad Dream Baby” and the record’s closer, “Rough Magic” which fades the album out with the white noise of the crashing waves of a celestial sea. There is definitely a magic to Springtime Carnivore’s dream of the night on Midnight Room and it casts an enthralling spell sure to inspire, enchant, and delight.


Midnight Room drops this Friday, October 7 and is available for pre-order now. You can follow Springtime Carnivore on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, and on their website at www.springtimecarnivore.com.