Time Traveler – Plantlife

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Plantlife's sophomore album finds the band somewhere between the loose-limbed rock and soul of Sly Stone and the freaky funk of Rick James and Parliament. The opening title track, however, suggests that's only part of the story, as lead singer Jack Splash name drops everyone from Dr. Dre and J Dilla to AC/DC and Talking Heads.

Plantlife treats genres like lines in the sand to be rubbed out at a moment's notice, allowing them to move with ease from the horn-drenched “Sun Shines Through Your Love” to the disco boogie of “Rollerskate Jam” and the strip club aesthetic of “Take It Off”.

Jack Splash's distinctive falsetto vocals (undercut by a street smart hustler's rasp) prove effective when pointing out his own relationship missteps, as evidenced by “Fool For U”. Meanwhile, “They Pay Me 4 This” peels back the mask of celebrity to reveal the numbness underneath, a blazing guitar sample underscoring the pain.

Plantlife takes some time to get political on “Tear The House Down”, but asses are freed long before minds. Still, you can't front on the album’s ability to get the party started. Jack Splash and company get the job done every time.