New Swears, “Brand New Spot”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Ottawa’s New Swears have released the brand new video for their brand new single “Brand New Spot” and Impose has the exclusive (and brand new) premiere for you. As a song and video, “Brand New Spot” is a blast, capturing a feeling of youthful excitement and exhilaration through a wistful look back at glory days that are still happening. The video portrays the tune’s giddy garage pop bounce as a restlessness, a search for the next party when the truth is New Swears are the party and where they go, they bring the party with them.

The video for “Brand New Spot” opens with a bellow and wild eyed look into the camera that beckons the viewer along to golden moments by a lakeside, black and white city nights, and gangster ways of enjoying some snacks. The video ultimately seems like a celebration of the simple times as the good times with members of New Swears dancing their way across the various landscapes without any choreography or frills, but with plenty of jovial gusto to spare.

As the song says, “We’re all lookin’ for a brand new spot” and with “Brand New Spot”, New Swears have given fans of fun rock and roll and just fun in general a place to go for two and a half minutes and get lost in the party.

The 7″ for New Swears’ “Brand New Spot” is out November 4th with a full album inch set to come out from the band in the new year, both on Dine Alone Records. You can follow New Swears on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.