SPORTS, “Clean Jeans”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

The new video for SPORTS‘ “Clean Jeans” centers around an apparent rivalry between a bicycler and a skateboarder. While singer Carmen Perry espouses her thoughts on the dreadfulness of keeping up certain appearances, the two square off in a silly manner that involves a ka-pow punch and what looks to be Apple Jacks. Directed by Teddy Farkas, Colton Flick, and Bradley Raynor, it’s a lighthearted visual for one of the best tracks on Sunchokes. “You’re jerking off to Al Jazeera and making your bed,” Perry sings. “And I could be at Crossfit like you, but I’d rather be dead.” At the end of the video we see the rivals, as well as members of the band sitting around enjoying shrimp cocktail. This may seem like a strange choice, but as Perry sings about “not giving a shit”, who are we to judge their choice of cocktailshrimp or otherwise?