Submotile – “Winter Storm Sequence”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Dublin shoegazers melt faces with beautiful video for recent album highlight

Submotile is a duo from Dublin, Ireland who make shoegaze with a deeply ambient, dreamy, and wandering spiritual vibe. Since forming just over a year ago, they’ve evolved and refined their sound, beginning with their stirring debut EP Losing The Light. Then earlier this year they dropped their follow-up full-length debut Ghosts Fade on Skylines, a titanic effort full of soundscapes that oscillate between cavernous, meditative serenity and towering, noisy bombast. And now they’ve shared the powerful and vivid music video for album highlight “Winter Storm Sequence.”

Blending shoegaze, post-rock, and ambient textures, “Winter Storm Sequence” is a Herculean sonic effort that hits stratospheric heights and poignant moods. The track’s piercing melodies ebb and flow, resulting in a series of huge crescendos interspersed by soothing vocal verses and moments of echoey calmness. Meanwhile, the track’s video is a visual marvel. It compiles footage of various mountain and beach landscapes from all over the world, fed through a foggy and grainy lens highlighting the song’s dreamlike qualities. And then, a flurry of fluorescent colors, staticky filters and lush silhouettes adorn all the shots of the band performing the track. It’s a beautiful marriage of audio and visuals. Submotile’s Ghosts Fade on Skylines is out now; you can purchase it HERE. Watch the haunting clip for “Winter Storm Sequence” below.