Consort with Anti-Pop Consortium

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In anticipation of their comeback release, Fluorescent Black, the reunited Anti-Pop Consortium have been peeling the insulation off people’s culture with a reunion tour that's been ongoing for the past couple months. Pushing to the back of the mind thoughts that there is a weird AC/DC parallel in the practice of including the word ‘black’ in the title of a comeback record (no, we don’t want to play the morbid guessing game that would require us to pick which Anti-Popper is going to fall asleep drunk in his car fatally exposed to the elements again), one should focus on the fact that there are a few new tour-only tracks and one new album track available for streaming from these re-conformed non-conformists’ MySpace page. We should focus on this even if a robot voice does surface every 20 seconds or so to discourage people from liking the awesomely bubbly synthesizer-laden song “Volcano” enough to rip the stream.

Even better, we should note that the purveyors of direct music gnosis and all around late-night dudes and ladies at Other Music in New York announced to the world via an email at around 2:00am this morning the addition of a new installment of their “Live at Other Music” video series. This episode features none other than the selfsame M. Sayiid, Earle Blaize, Beans, and High Priest. It’s a slick little program in which the group talks about the development of APC, their falling out, and their recent reconciliation, all interspersed with moments from their April 22, 2008, live performance at the Other Music store. Check it out.

(…I know I said we weren’t going to do this, but I'm going with Beans for the drunk/sleep driving.) Anti-Pop Consortium is practicing their deep electronic hip-hop artistry at popular Lower East Side secondhand boutique Fox and Fawn on July 23.