Gov. Paterson, Ralph Lauren, the Grifter

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Okay, anybody else get the feeling that Jay Reatard could possibly be a little bitch?

Uhhh, I heard this rumor that like, uh, Thomas Function went to jail, and took it in the butt by a dude name Sven. Then I read Pop Jew, and found out that wasn't the case.

There will never, ever be another Hipster Grifter. Unless Impose associate editor/total ladyboy Blake Gillespie decides to start giving hand jobs with his mouth.

Little kids playing violins, learning to love Crass. These things make me happy.

Wait, this Ralph Lauren ad is a mistake?

Gov. Patterson of New York thinks that Jigga spits hot fire.

Can anybody get this man the theme for Perfect Strangers to wake up to?