Hertta Lussu Ässä creeps into light with first LP

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While the Balkans have diffused themselves into much of popular music today, the Baltics remain a mystery. Sure, they had Arvo Pärt from Estonia, H.I.M from Finland, and a non-violent Singing Revolution to bolster the dissolution of the Soviet stronghold, but much like the jokes about most people from the region go, the musical stylings themselves are lagging.

Finnish lady-trio Hertta Lussu Ässä take the “slow” stereotype in a new direction with the release of their first LP, out June 21 on De Stijl Records.“Mehukkaat Luut” is a luscious soundscape that toys with a seemingly prepared piano a la Hauschka sitting pretty atop the buzz of Nordic winds and the clang of bones that the song is named after. Much like stoner metal, “Mehukkaat Luut” is loud but slow; rather, the trio depends on tape loops, bells, and trinkets to create a similar sense of doom. The sounds are sparse, yet together the acoustic and electronic intricacies create a burgeoning darkness reminiscent of something one would hear at a cult initiation.

Both physical and digital copies are available June 21 on De Stijl's website here