If Dragons of Zynth's album art dropped in the forest…

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Dragons of Zynth are like the covert ops of the buzz brigade. They gotta stay under the radar until they've got the turkey in the oven (read: cover of SPIN), or whatever awesome coded phrases you use when you're running through the forest with night vision goggles on. Don't quote us on that, please. The point is yes, they're bad ass, their music is weird and sometimes astonishing, but most amusingly, they keep landing gigs that bands with miles more slobbering blog posts would kill for. Opening for Television at SummerStage? Modest Mouse at McCarren Pool? David Sitek of TV on the Radio, who produced their October 2 LP Coronation Thieves, probably has some hand in the matter but, seriously, if we posted their cover art, shouldn't some small army of cloying fans be excited about it?