Listen: Kuupuu's minimal folk collages from Finland

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Download the Finnish psych-folk expeditions of Kuupuu.

Jonna Karanka has appeared on dozens of compilations and released many CD-r's over the past six years under the moniker Kuupuu. Karanka is a Finnish psych-folk mainstay, having performed with Avarus, The Anaksimandros, Maniacs Dream, Kukkiva Poliisi, Lussu&Pami, Lussu ja Magneetti, Kermakolmio, Hertta Lussu Ässä, Thriller Bingo, and Way Of The Cross. She's also toured with Animal Collective.

She also makes music videos, shoots photography and creates visual art.

Her whimsically arranged, gently percussive tapestries are saturated with melodies without ever becoming weighed down by dense arrangements or kitschy collapses into Northern pop. (Think: wow, I'm glad she doesn't sound like Mum). She carefully tethers strands of verdant melodies with wide open minimalism- it's sparse, but what's there is unabashedly beautiful.

Kuupuu, “Sula” (feat. Josh Stevenson + Jaakko Tolvi)

Kuupuu, “Lintopolku”

Kuupuu, “Myrskylaulu”

Kuupuu, “Joella” (feat. Theo Angell)

Kuupuu, “Pahan Lintu”