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We have it from MF DOOM label Stones Throw that they will be releasing Madvillainy 2: The Box on September 15. Consisting of a 25-track CD of material off of 2004's Madvillainy remixed by Madlib, a 7″ of Madlib's “One Beer (Drunk Version)”, an honest-to-Memorex cassette tape of the Madvillainy demo preemptively leaked before the album's release, a t-shirt with a weed joke on it, and a comic book continuing the story told in the “All Caps” video, you will get a lot of stuff you have to move between apartments over the next few years.

One would hope that you get a lot for the $125 that Madvillany 2: The Box costs.

RecapsAll Caps

There remains no official word on the release of a new Madvillain record. If you're not into big boxes (or parting with big boxes of cash), you're in luck: you can keep it tidy and enjoy the warm, overdriven and muffled sounds of the Madlib remix album as a separate $9.99 digital download release from Stones Throw's new online store.The Box is being manufactured based on how many people order them, so there's a good chance that if you don't take the plunge before the August 15 cutoff date for pre-orders and start in with a bad case of non-buyer's remorse the next day, you might be paying a whole lot more for your Madvillain fetishist commodity artifacts on eBay.

Madvillain, “Never Go Pop”

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