Listen: Restiform Bodies, “Bobby Trendy Addendum”

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New mp3 from Anticon's hip-hop hold outs.

It's not quite “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night,” but Restiform Bodies deserve props for the chilling Euro-pop chorus and the “Stay High” 3-6 Mafia-esque intro. They must be hanging out with Gary Wilson lately.

Restiform Bodies, “Bobby Trendy Addendum”

[Download it]

It's quite the catchy tune, I'll give RB that much, but they still deserve the stepchild treatment from Anticon. While Dose has grown into a weirdo frontman, Alias has reclused into a bedroom instrumentalist and Why? has blossomed into a freak-folk/pop singer, Restiform Bodies are stuck in the dark ages, still trying to create music for the advancement of hip hop.

Seven years between albums and we are still kicking raps that hate on suburban kids? Someone is not on the Anticon mailing list.

Restiform Bodies' TV Loves You Back will be out September 16 on Anticon.