On Repeat: The Human Bell, “The Singing Trees”

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The Human Bell is a collaboration between Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) and Nathan Bell (Lungfish). They tend towards Arbouretum's bpm comfort zone, but they're more meditative and restrained than either band.

“The Singing Trees” is another one of those ruminative duel-guitar track that transcends time and space. It's six minutes of a single pentatonic guitar line stacked against a rhythm guitar humming in a bath of static. The whole thing feels like it could explode into an electric shock at any minute but instead it disintegrates into silence around the six minute mark and reemerge a slightly tempered dirge: cleansed of its single guitar line but still bearing the same scar tissue.

Their self-titled album is out on Thrill Jockey on January 29.

The Singing Trees: