Six Degrees of Beefheart: Let the games begin!

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Howdy partners! Who's in the mood for a little SIX DEGREES OF BEEFHEART?!

That's right. Link the two musicians in less than six degrees and win our undying love and devotion. Or you can have free CDs. But only if you're very clever. So put on your thinking plugs and stop that masturbating. That's not what the internet's for, it's for SIX DEGREES OF BEEFHEART!

This week's six degrees of Beefheart:

Elliot Smith –> GZA

Howlin Wolf –> Kid 'n Play

Don Henley –> Clipse

Styx –> Sufjan Stevens

Send your six degrees in by noon of next Thurdsday to info at imposemagazine dot com. We'll post our favorites on Friday.