That guy who quit Deerhunter is rocking the fuck out

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Colin Mee was once that guy who gave Bradford Cox a fake blow job. Now he's got a kick-ass metal band called Chopper.

[LaMar George, George Asimakos, and Colin Mee.]

This is the band that Colin Mee, the guy who quit Deerhunter, is in now. I didn't know that when I stumbled upon them, I just thought they were keeping their metal real.

Texturally, Chopper has the same rough-shod approach to metal as fellow Atlantans Mastodon. That means they avoid the dynamically overblown yet silkily compressed aesthetics of most modern metal music. Unlike Mastodon, they're also less concerned with going mathy, or weirding out too hard. Like others doing their best to make metal the hardest-working genre in independent music (see Mythical Beast), there is a lot of down home 70s hard rock infused in this rootsy metal.

They also have band theme song, which you can download here:

Chopper, “Chopper”

Chopper, “You Can't Get Enough”

Chopper, “Rolling Thunder”