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The East Coast Avengers: When mediocre rappers get desperate.

The ECA is comprised of Boston underground has-beens Esoteric, Trademarc (featured WWE rapper/wrestler John Cena's album) and DC the Midi Alien. Naturally, the media backlash is far more entertaining than the song itself. Keith Olbermann handled the song properly, placing ECA in his “World's Worst People” category. Strangely enough it seems ECA took this as a complement, posting the video to its myspace page.

Thrown to the wolves by Poppa Bear, Fox News Reporter Michelle Malkin attempted a rebuttle diss on her blog. Oddly enough Malkin's blog no longer contains her diss. The Boston Herald only had this to offer from her blog: “Do they have anything better to do?” she wrote. “Rides to pimp? Hos to diss? Bling to steal?”

If only she knew how white and privileged these rappers are, now she's got her own dedication song, that includes a reference to a Robert Frost poem, called “Dear Michelle” to endure. There's nothing more un-gangster than getting dissed with a Robert Frost poem. Come on, Michelle! Did you really think two Boston rappers weren't going to get literary on your ass?
Here's some biting battle raps from the song:
“Michelle Malkin got a jaw that would maul her own kin
She's appalled at her own skin, a witch with cauldron”

Esoteric don't hurt'em!
“Fox used you, posed you as a media outlet from the out-set
Your views on Japanese internment are funny
The same thing Hitler did to Jews but you spun it into positive news”

You can't eat a reporter's ass like me!

The attention has elevated ECA's street cred to a level only true pioneers of shock-value like the Geto Boys and 2 Live Crew were able to achieve, as Esoteric has received death threats wrought with spelling errors and censorship from Youtube and Myspace, both owned by the Godfather Rupert Murdoch. Isn't it time we stop this white on white crime?

If you support this kind of gimmick buffoonery pick up the full length Prison Planet October 7 on Brick Records.