Anna Hinton

When she’s not busy bailing her dog out of jail for participating in underground Chinese gambling dens, Anna sometimes likes to dabble in writing. Sometimes she’s good at it.

Sarcasm will often dominate her personality and it can, at times, leak onto the page. But we forgive her because, well, damn it, she’s good.

If you don’t find her behind her computer, you can find her with her friends, binge watching Netflix or on the softball field.

Anna Hinton's Posts

Leslie Mendelson, “Chasing The Thrill”


Midnight Snackers, “I Need an Adult”

Relatable and quirky.

The Deadmen, The Deadmen

Love, fate and everything in between.

Leather Girls, Leather Girls

A strong heartbeat of modern rock.

CHIMNEY Premieres “Copicat”, Loves French Toast Bagels

An upbeat rhythm and a sense of desperation.

Jackie Highway, “The Grant”

Gives voice to Mother Nature.