Week in Pop: Future Twin, Hooveriii, Joe Gorgeous, Two Moons

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Joe Gorgeous

Fort Worth's Joey Gorman of Joe Gorgeous & The Longshots; photographed by Noah Hall.
Fort Worth’s Joey Gorman of Joe Gorgeous & The Longshots; photographed by Noah Hall.

Heralding news off a new upcoming Mock Records cassette available January 27, we are proud to present the following premiere listen to a split between Fort Worth’s Joe Gorgeous & Los Angeles’ own Hooveriii appropriately titled SPLITTER. Prepare yourself for some of the most righteous sounds from the southwest Americana underground landscape that further solidifies Mock’s reputation as one of the most solid independent imprints out there that champions the underachievers of great visions & promise.
Kicking things off with Joey Gorman, aka Joe Gorgeous, oka leader of The Longshots; the Fort Worth artist lives up to all the glammed-up hype with one of his most massive singles recorded to dates. On the grand debut of “The Matter”, Joey offers up something that The Pixies never gave us, nor the legions of cockrockers from the 70s & 80s. With quiet, loud, quiet formula being blown wide open, Joey unleashes the ultimate anthem for party people & their unrelenting dedication & commitment to hedonism. “Forgive Christine,” Joey begins, “she didn’t mean a thing, she just wants to smoke cigarettes living in a daydream.” Illustrations of leopard skin couture & glamorous textiles are recalled with romantic passions & adoration expressed toward the subject of Gorman’s own confounded affections. The emotions get all tied up as the ballad carries on forward in all manners of intricacies & unknown needs & ailments. “I need to know what’s the matter, if I don’t this heart might shatter, I need to know what’s the matter right now,” Joey sings in a refrain that only grows in size like a massive boulder that picks up momentum & steam while rolling from its mountain top peak. The emotive quality rises & falls with a brilliant power chord structure where all the back & forth drama brings all aspects of the complicated feelings straight to the surface of the song’s action. Everything arrives full circle by the conclusion of “The Matter” as Gorman brings us back to where we began with the parting lines of, “Forgive Christine…she just wants to stay high, living in that daydream.”

Joey Gorman gave us the lowdown on the new Joe Gorgeous single & Hooveriii split:

When Bert and I decided we were gonna do the split tape thing, I knew off the bat that I wanted to cover his song “The Matter”. Bert is definitely one of my favorite songwriters and I fell in love with the Hooveriii cassette, ”Destroya”, when he gave it to me a couple years ago while I was visiting LA. After I recorded the initial Joe Gorgeous songs up in Nashville with Markus Midkiff and JD Tiner, I began playing and writing J Gorgeous songs with my two roommates/best friends – Noah Hall and Matthew Gibbons – The Matter was actually the first song we all worked on together. I think our version made ol’ Dirty Bert proud. or at least I hope so, haha! But seriously this split is a real work of art in my opinion. I cant wait for everyone to hear it!