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Bryson Cone

Introducing Bryson Cone; press photo courtesy of the artist.
Introducing Bryson Cone; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing Bryson Cone, alias Fog Father, oka Bryson Hansen who presents the premiere of his new single “Desire” that provides synth cadences from the brighter sides of the moon. The Portland, Oregon based artist cut his teeth providing synth work for Reptaliens, guitar work for Sex Money Monks, along with live instrumentation alongside the legendary Gary Wilson that have added their own influential aspects to Bryson’s own eclectic creative foundation. His latest solo offshoot began back in March of 2016 where “Desire” was written, recorded and produced by Bryson Cone in the Fog Father rehearsal space known as Hoganson Mansion along with Bryson’s own studio apartment that features percussion from Thomas Malbus; this is the first offering from a future debut EP available by spring 2017 that B.C. described to us as his first freak pop melt down.
“Desire” is built around a vintage, juicy synth hook progression that spurns forward Bryson Cone’s space-pop single that orbits around the aches & urges of the human condition & more. Like the sounds of your parents’ favorite prog-rock LPs from the 70s, Bryson brings his own innovative intuition to the table that exhibits a kind open book sort of exhibition of the self & nakedness of the soul. The existential & immediate needs are expressed through a gracious arrangements of chords & keys that appeal to the most intimate places of the psyche. The mood & emotions come to a climactic head at the 2:30 mark where Bryson’s sweet guitar solo spells out a series of subtext & underlying emotive chords that have our attention & interest piqued for the debut Bryson Cone EP.

Bryson shared with us the following words on the brilliant new single “Desire”:

“Desire” is the first official single for my upcoming solo album. Hopefully a music video will follow closely behind! “Desire” is basically a breakup song about addiction and failure. It’s also about the desire to rewrite the past when the past is totally blacked out from alcohol. It’s pretty dark, I guess, but I also wanted the song its self to be smooth and playful. The first half of the song was written from someone else’s perspective and the second half was from my own. I wrote the song almost a year ago, but I’ve kept it in my pocket. It’s been really important to me to keep it closely tied to the release of a new album, since I’ve stepped away from Fog Father to focus on a solo project.