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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Cedie Janson

Entering the electronic avenues with Cedie Janson; photographed by Megan Cullen.

You may recall Cedie Janson’s remix of Glitter Veils’ “Gibberish Talks” & today we present the world premiere of the statue shattering single “Stillness”. Featured off Janson’s upcoming second EP of the same name available in January via Bandcamp, Cedie follows 2015’s Light Curve (via Lost Race Records) with the continued electronic pursuits to capture the aura of that incandescent glow through the digital audio lens. Known for providing the scores for short films like Megan Cullen’s Machine (2016); the Australia by way of Los Angeles artist makes music of illuminated designs to soundtrack motions of stoned-calm to bustling, intricate rhythm varietals.
“Stillness” begins with echoes of percussion that initiate the ambient touches & drum textures soon to follow. Cedie sets up the percolating percussive items in a steady simmer to boil cycle where panning dub effects amaze move to & fro throughout the production. Serious synth sequences emerge in the mix to carry the track’s narrative arc ahead full-steam, where vocal traces are cast to the reverb abyss along with the fellow associated key sustains. The track rises & falls like an amusement park coaster darting in & out of fun-house event rooms as it charges through the peaks, dips & valleys of the arrangement. At every ebb & pause, Cedie punctuates the calm of “Stillness” with curious keyboard calls that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is five minute edit could easily go on for five minutes more in what could be called the thinking person’s epic trance in what Cedrie Janson described for us with the following insights:

The title track “Stillness” is five minutes of disorienting percussion and simmering noise, working together and against each other at the same time. It’s just as much about chaos and disorder as it is clarity and precision.

Cedie Janson in front of palm trees & a blue lit backdrop; photographed by Megan Cullen.

Cedie Janson’s Stillness EP is available now for pre-order via Bandcamp, available digitally & on silkscreen printed cassette in January.

Cover art for Cedie Janson’s Stillness.