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Lulu Lewis

Introducing Lulu Lewis; press photo courtesy of the artists.
Introducing Lulu Lewis; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Lulu Lewis presents the world premiere for grandiose anthem “All Just Pretending” that jumps off of a vintage silver-screen styled score to wreck some holy hell in today’s unruly times. Produced by performers/song authors & vocalist Dylan Hundley, Pablo Martin (of Mimi Maura, Tom Tom Club guitarist, J-Zone and Pablo Martin are The Du-Rites), with William X Harvey (from Danger Painters, Urban Verbs), Jay Mumford (oka J-Zone) & the versatile Walter Vernon Baker to create a big-band style tower of sound to stand for all time. Hundley’s twentieth-century style delivery rings out loud to the ends of the earth & extents of the heavens to sing a song of autonomy that eschews all middlemen & go-betweens in the name of unified statement through sound of mind, soul, body & voice.
“All Just Pretending” finds Lulu Lewis casting aside the fakers while dealing out a taste of the real thing. Every note, chord & bar strikes with a ferocious might that quakes with a furious fist clenched might & no shortage of self-confidence. With the chorus refrain of “I can do this on my own”, Dylan & crew move in like a fashionable flash mob that takes control of the scene with their own ever-expanding aesthetic of timeless music tropes. Lulu Lewis takes the luster of old Hollywood pop glamor and spikes up the glitz that stares down the goonish glares of tinsel town industry goons in the name of doing things their way. Dylan Hundley takes on the performer/songwriter role that is situated in the driver’s seat-calling the shots & compass routes as she described to us with the following reflections on “All Just Pretending”:
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This track was born from a place of strength and self recovery. Pablo and I really embrace the ability that modern technology affords us in terms of being able to have the tools to record and create music and video at will, without having to ask anyone’s permission or having to somehow prove yourself before you can create. We do absolutely everything in-house. There is great strength and freedom in that. The self-recovery aspect comes from the act of allowing oneself to flourish. That was hard for me for a time in my life. This song is, in part, me singing out that I’ve left any self-doubt, self-sabotage and toxic-anything behind and am claiming…my songs. This is what it means to me. Pablo and I wrote these words entirely as a team though. It comes from a similar place of strength in us both.