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Catching up with Sheer; photographed by Danielle Parsons.
Catching up with Sheer; photographed by Danielle Parsons.

Sheer sent us word of their forthcoming EP Psychic Quarry available April 28 from The Native Sound with a listen to the instant gratification of the show stopping single “Shut it Off”. Shutting down the haters & naysayers with some of the most instinctive & amazing DIY arrangements heard from the Simi Valley group yet; Sheer’s follow up to their debut should have the entire world excited for some of the most painstakingly honest music that stares the unsettling uncertainty of our times with an incredibly inspirational attitude & sound.
Ripping a page out of the classic DIY pop book of the Shop Assistants & more; Sheer shines with sharp lyrics and the most charged, yet melodic, chord designs. The Simi Valley band breaks up the useless condescending conversation and unwanted opinions & advise from the irrelevant & toxic forces that peddle displaced doses of aching anxiety. “Shut it Off” closes down the dismal & damaging verbal abuse from others that illustrates through what is a beautifully realized song the way other people’s energy & exchanges affect us. Sheer does not back down from these confrontational situations, providing something of a colloquial rejection against unwanted presences.

Sheer’s own leader Gina Almaguer took the time to chat with us about their new music:
Tell us all about the inception for the awesome “Shut It Off”.
Lyrically, “Shut it Off” is about struggling with anxiety and depression and trying to open up to someone about it. Often times, rather than just listening to you, that person will try to belittle you. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma and misinterpretation of how mental illness is received and treated. A lot of people will try tell you that it’s all made up or in your own head or just bluntly tell you to get over it. This song is more or less my response to that type of behavior. Musically, Andy [Polito] had came up with the main riff then we all just added our own twists to it.
Give us the story about the making of of the follow-up to Uneasy with the brand new Psychic Quarry EP.
Vince [Amador] and Andy joined the band shortly after Uneasy was already released. Naturally, there were new influences introduced once we all got together and all of these new songs were written pretty quickly. We all would bring bits and pieces of songs to practice and then add all of our own twists to it which created a fresh new sound. The EP definitely has a different vibe than Uneasy, but it is a perfect representation of where we are as a band now.
Other shout outs to other scenes, artists, causes & more that you all are excited about?
We want to thank Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio as well as Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering! They both really helped us capture the exact tones we had envisioned for this whole EP and really helped us to create such a big sound. Shout-out to some of our friends who are killing it right now; Iris Jupiter, Sustains, Human Garbage and Full Circle!! Also shout out the 805 and shout-out Veggie Grill!
Sheer’s forthcoming Psychic Quarry EP will be available April 28 from The Native Sound.