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Jessica Dennison + Jones

Portland's Jessica Dennison + Jones; press photo courtesy of the artists.
Portland’s Jessica Dennison + Jones; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Playing a release gig at Portland’s Turn Turn Turn March 4; Jessica Dennison + Jones will be available March 3 through the reputable imprint Party Damage. With a style & sound that is rooted in traditional chamber pop & rustic Americana folk flair—the PDX duo of Jessica Dennison and Jessica Jones create organically strung pop pieces that stay with you like a wandering specter for a while. “Confines” breaks out of the walls & conventions where the nu-chamber channels inward into the psychic chambers of conversation & connections that go deeper than can be immediately & succinctly described.
Jessica Dennison presented us with the following introductory preface style prologue reflecting upon the process of writing & recording their songs, after they had gestated as long time song drafts & sketches, live staples & more:

“Music has alway been a huge part of our friendship. We started this project at a time when I really needed something inspiring and nurturing to focus on. Jones and I were living in different places but she kindly invited me to visit and record my songs. We knew from experience that her guitar playing, musical sensibility and recording chops were a boon to my tunes, and that it was really fun/nice/illuminating to work on things together.
So the process began at her house in Memphis, TN on a couple long visits. Later we both moved back to Portland and, when things were still a bit slow going, we realized we needed help! Randy Bremrose began recording us at his home studio, The Green House. He added bass and drums to several of our songs and his presence soon became another critical element in our process. He also helped us rehab some of our Memphis recordings and get everything sounding unified enough.
The album involved a lot of trial and error, reacting tonally and with gut feelings, and rerecording things until they felt right. It was a long process and next time we dgaf. (jk)