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Howth hanging out in Brooklyn, Greenpoint, NY; photographed by Christie McMenamin.
Howth hanging out in Brooklyn, Greenpoint, NY; photographed by Christie McMenamin.

Howth has announced that their TMNT (Trashy Milky Nothing Town) album will be debuted as a film with a live score and all February 22 at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge. Possibly one of the greatest multimedia feats accomplished by the Brooklyn band, they first present the following trailer for all the forthcoming festivities:

From here the DIY legends assume the roles of ninja turtles taking on the town with all the histrionics & punky shenanigans that somehow feels like an eccentric update to the cherished Rock & Roll High School. Presenting the world premiere for Howth’s “Leonardo”, the video follows the journeys of band leader Carl Creighton about the NYC as the video gets more psychedelicized as Carl & crew turns the passion all the way up. From visuals that juxtapose the might of Grand Central Station to a lowly Brooklyn laundromat; we observe the lesser sung drama of one of the the ninja turtles’ most staunch leaders—that’s not Master Splinter. From exploring the subway Metro networks to derelict journeys about town that lead toward inverted color negative images that indicate the rise in the song’s emotion. A track that you can shake a balled up fist to, the visualizations for “Leonardo” will illustrate an alternative rendering of NYC that only Howth & the ninja turtles will understand.

Howth’s own Carl Creighton provided the following thoughts about the visualization of his TMNT labor of love:

I like to make art that invites people to read between the lines more, which is why I wanted to make an album about the ninja turtles to begin with. Like, it’s about that but it’s also about coming to terms with one’s identity, about the power dynamics of romantic relationships, about hero worship. When my filmmaker friend Alex Aaron said we should make a movie to go along with the album, I wrote a script to bring some of the stuff between the lines out into the open more. And then we made a movie with some of my favorite musician friends in New York! It was a really fun weekend of brilliant goofiness from all involved. A silent movie with subtitles. I wanna make albums and silent movies for them forever and ever amen!
And I’m proud to say we’re showing the film with a live set at Le Poisson Rouge, one of the most reputable venues in New York! With some of my favorite bands Evolfo and Robot Princess. And Preston Spurlock (who made the poster and album cover and plays Master Splinter in the movie) is doing live visuals for the bands before us! Gonna be neat!

Catch Howth’s grand TMNT movie screening at NYC’s own Le Poisson Rouge February 22 featuring performances by Robot Princess, Evolfo, featuring additional visuals from Preston Spurlock.
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