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DJ Silky Smooth

DJ Silky Smooth, oka Jacob Schwartz (right) & Tara (left); press photo courtesy of the artists.
DJ Silky Smooth, oka Jacob Schwartz (right) & Tara (left); press photo courtesy of the artists.

Jacob Schwartz is DJ Silky Smooth, who proves to be more than just a superlative for your favorite sort of shampoo-conditioner combo pack but rather offers a view of the Andrew Uebelein video for “On the Porch” that celebrates all the joys of hanging out with fellow friends & enjoying the great outdoors. From super awkward, yet addictive, dance moves and an assist from friends Chris Isaacson, James Armenta & Sam Friedman; DJ Silky Smooth brings about a beautiful PSA for humanity to enjoy the natural beauty that exists all around them.

Give us the story on how DJ Silky Smooth started, and whether or not Billy Madison inspired the moniker.
DJ SIlky Smooth was at first just a name I made for my first college radio show during my freshman year at Skidmore. At the end of my freshman year I decided to make a short instrumental beat-tape dedicated to my freshman dorm, called “Wilmarth Jams”, and released it under the same name. Billy Madison didn’t inspire the moniker but I will say that Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song” has inspired me to always remember my roots.
“On the Porch” is a gorgeous track. What for you inspired such a moving song?
I wrote the song for a friend of mine who was feeling a little down and overwhelmed about things, and the song is my way of trying to say I’m here for you. Also, I love the band Porches, as well as porches themselves I guess, even though that has nothing to do with the content of the song at all.
Tell us too about the process of making that jubilant fun-with-friends video made with Andrew Uebelein & company.
Andrew got a camera, we jumped in a car, and we found a vacant soccer field. Making the video was a combination of us trying to make each other laugh and making something that looks good. We got sandwiches afterwards from this place that always makes Andrew feel sick, but he loves it, so we always go back.
What’s next in store for DJ Silky Smooth?
I just released an album last week called “Smoothie” that I wrote and recorded in the fall, so hopefully I’ll be playing songs from that with the live band at some shows we’ve got in the works. Other than that, I’m writing and recording some demos for the next project, and Andrew and I have been talking about making some more videos in the near future for some tracks from Smoothie. Here’s the link for that by the way.
Spring & summer plans?
I’m graduating college in May if all goes well, which is pretty terrifying. In the meantime I’m planning on not failing my classes and spending too many late nights recording when I should be sleeping. As for summer, the only thing I know of for sure is getting my wisdom teeth out. It is an exciting time.
Top 3 essential listening/viewing/reading/etc right now?
1. Flamingosis
3. Sam Evian