Baby Jazz is like playoff-time Jordan

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baby jazz

Samuel Cooper first caught our attention as one half of Savannah, GA duo Sunglasses. Our guess is the full-length is completed, which is why he's assumed the identity Golden Chow and begun a new collaboration with Brooklynite Teen Wolfe (Elgin Braden) under the group moniker Baby Jazz.

Cot Damn! I dropped the ball on summer. In the hysteria of incredible rap releases I forgot to make Sunglasses' “Stand Fast” my anthem. All those days of lazy river floating, BBQs into the later afternoon and waking up with sunglasses face after falling asleep in the park were for naught purely because I didn't have this song humdrumming through my mind.

Time to move on. Baby Jazz is still a bit of a stylistic mystery as it feels presumptuous to place the weight of our understanding on a 12-minute collage mix. “Michael Jordan” starts out in the lab of a mad scientist, Bunsen burners blazing beneath beakers sending multi-colored concoctions to the point of overflowing and amidst all the experiments a breakbeat, plucked from a 80's South Bronx block party, is able to make sense of it all. That's just the first three minutes. “Michael Jordan” journeys through arcades, lapses into minimalist funk that puts the Gap Band in mind, discovers your parents porno tapes and defeats the Cobra Kai dojo, before returning to the laboratory to resume its experiments.

Download “Michael Jordan” here.

I can't believe I'm referring our readers to this dead zone, but check out Baby Jazz' Myspace page for more incredible sounds. Baby Jazz is working on a full-length of collected singles that comes with a companion comic book staring Teen Wolfe and Golden Chow – looks like someone wants a Nice Package feature.